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Herbal Plants Best Sellers!

Gotu Kola, Ashitaba/Tomorrow Leaf, Serpentina

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Make Your Garden Your Grocery Store

Kitchen Herbs

Cook like a pro with these fresh, fragrant and flavorful herbs!

Herbal Plants

Natural medicine at the cost of just your tender love and care!


Make your own shampoo with the suds of this vine!

Tablea Chocolate

Lipa, Batangas' best! 100% pure cacao goodness!


IT’S TWICE OR MORE POLLUTED INSIDE HOMES Part II: Emission from Vehicle, Garbage and Outdoor Dust, and Green Tips


SERPENTINA: The Herb For Diabetes, Liver, Heart Disease, Colds And Flu

Find out more about this “King of Bitters” here!

Plant in Focus: SERPENTINA

Holy Basil
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